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Jerom Winery makes sustainable top-quality
Belgian wines in the heart of Haspengouw:

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From fruit region to exciting new wine region

Viticulture was already very popular in Haspengouw in the Middle Ages. It’s there where the best wine grapes in Belgium ripen. This is not surprising either. The region has been renowned for its delicious fruits for centuries. Haspengouw is even the largest fruit region in Europe after the South Tyrol. The revival of grape cultivation there began several decades ago now.


Haspengouw fruit growers and Jerom Winery

From high-quality fruit to top-quality wine. Haspengouw fruit growers are increasingly diversifying by planting vines, partly due to the changing climate. However, they often lack the knowledge and equipment required to produce wine. Jerom Winery concludes contracts with fruit growers who commit to delivering high-quality fruit, in exchange for a fair price per kilogram. Jerom Winery then uses the grapes to produce sustainable, high-quality wine that is low in residues and, over time, will even become residue-free.


Jeroen Houben, founder

Jeroen Houben is the founder of Jerom Winery. He was born and raised with viticulture, having learned it at his father’s side. Today, they run Domaine Hoenshof together. They have even won several 'Best Belgian Wine’ awards. Domaine Hoenshof also won the 'International PiWi Wine Award' and 'The Finger Lakes International Wine Competition'. Jeroen completed his sommelier training in 2018 through the internationally recognised and renowned 'Wine and Spirit Education Trust’ wine course, better known as the WSET.


Top advisers provide the winemaking expertise

Jeroen Houben is the driving force behind Jerom Winery. Jeroen is the son of Prof. Dr Ghislain Houben, one of the leading progressive winemakers in Belgium. Jeroen relies on the expertise of his father and other top winegrowers such as Stan Beurskens, one of the pioneers in viticulture in the Netherlands. This guarantees the quality of the wine produced.

High-quality Belgian wine with low levels of residues


Prof. Dr Ghislain Houben,
winemaker and adviser

Professor Dr Ghislain Houben teaches economics at Hasselt University and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Viticulture is his passion. He has planted no fewer than 20 different grape varieties, 12 of which are reds, on an area of 6.5 hectares! Ghislain has exceptional knowledge of vinification and makes both 'classic' white and red wines and experimental, unique creations. He also designs sublime sweet wines with fresh acidity, including his much-famed apple, pear and grape ice wines. His wines win medals each year in the best Belgian wine competition. In 2017, he won the gold medal for the Cuvée d'Amour, latest harvest, and a silver medal for his Pinot Gris Barrique.


Stan Beurskens,
winemaker and adviser

Stan Beurskens studied oenology at the famous Stellenbosch University in South Africa and the University of Geisenheim in Germany. In addition to his theoretical background, he now has almost 20 years of practical experience in various vineyards around the globe, in both the old and the new worlds. He started his own wine-growing consultancy in 2007 and he now accompanies more than 60 vineyards in the Netherlands and abroad for wine growing and vinification. Almost all wines from St. Martinus Vineyard, Stan Beurskens’ own wine domaine, have won national and international awards, with a collection of more than 150 medals handed down by judges in the low countries, Berlin, Freiburg, Paris, Seoul and many more.


From 1 April 2019 we are accessible to everyone during the opening hours. You can come and enjoy our wines in our café and have a walk in the vineyards. We also do tastings for groups, send an email.

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